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Change Agents in Higher Education (ssbr0110)

The Institutional Innovation Exchange met on 28-29 January 2010 at Aston University Lakeside Conference Centre in Birmingham.
The event was very successful in identifying and sharing the tangible outputs of the projects and will contribute to the sustained discoverability and use of those products. A big thanks to all the people, projects and programmes that worked together to make the event and the programme the success that it has been.

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Feedback Form


Thursday 28 January 2010

1200-1300 Arrival and Buffet Lunch
1300-1315 Welcome and introduction to the Programme:

Lawrie Phipps, Ruth Drysdale, George Roberts

1315-1345 Card sort: innovation themes: evaluate your project (slides)

  • Learning, teaching & assessment
  • Research & devrelopment
  • Business & community engagement
  • Learning resources
  • Eadministration
  • ICT services
  • Estates
  • Mobile, location aware, ambient, pervasive computing
  • The economy
  • Quality and governance
  • Globalisation
  • Openness
1345-1545 Institutional Innovation Projects Trade Fair (slides)

  • Project teams will have worked with their support-team contacts to “productize” project outputs
  • Each project product will be valued at one JISC Innovation Currency Exchange Units; products may be sold more than once
  • “Purchasers” will be issued with a fixed number of JISC ICE Units (“Ice Lolly”) with which to buy products; purchasers will evaluate their purchasing decision using the “Institutional Innovation Exchange Purchase Order
  • Who will sell the most?
1545-1600 Coffee Break
1600-1615 Data base and prototype visualisation of the programme
1615-1645 Outputs packaging for lasting impact (slides)

  • Packaging for usability and reusability
  • Curation, Discoverability; Persistant URIs; Repositories for published artefacts: case studies, white papers, guidelines, learning objects, etc
  • Forges, installer scripts, versioning for software outputs
  • Accessibility
  • Ongoing hosting for artefacts
1645-1800 Benefits Realisation report

  • Paul Bailey and Lawrie Phipps: From Benefits Realisation to building capacity
  • BR Phase 1 projects report:
    • Location Independent Working (slides)
    • Improve Awareness of Wake on LAN (slides)
    • EdShare Support Community (slides)
1800-1830 Project planning space: linking outputs from projects, assemblies, online meetings, trade fair, benefits realisation to develop:

  • new assemblies
  • new products
  • new benefits realisation projects
1830 Check in from 1830 onward
to 1930 Free time
1930-2000 Reception: results of the trade fair
2000 Dinner

Friday 29 January 2010

0900-0930 Programme Evaluation

  • Institutional Innovation Programme Evaluation strategy (Curtis/Cartwright) (slides)
0930-1015 Realising Benefits for your community: Opportunities for your project to engage their community

  • Critical Friends, in strands with projects
  • Revisit stakeholders in light of current project stage
1015-1030 Coffee Break
1030-1130 Building links with other JISC Programmes

  • Introduction: Building links across programmes (Craig Wentworth) (blog)
  • Flexible Service Delivery (Alex Hawker)
  • BCE – Business and Community Engagement (Simon Whittemore) (slides)
  • Green ICT (Rob Bristow)
  • Technology supported business change (Myles Danson)
  • CDD – Curriculum Design and Delivery (Lisa Gray) (slides)
1130-1215 Dissemination and communication:

  • Technical synthesis (CETIS, Mark Power)
  • Synthesis publications (Emma Anderson) (blog)
  • JISC Comms communications strategies (Jane Charlton) (slides)
1215-1230 Last words:

  • BR Community platform
  • Upcoming events

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