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JISC Institutional Innovation Exchange 28-29 January 2010 Programme Meeting (Aston)

Joining Instructions

Thank you for booking on to the JISC Institutional Innovation Exchange Programme meeting on 28-29 January 2010. The event will be held at the Aston University Lakeside Conference Centre in Birmingham (map and directions ), with accommodation in the adjacent Aston University Business School Conference Centre.

A floor plan of the conference centre is (here) for your information. The main conference sessions will be in Suites 2 and 3 and the Trade Fair will take place in Suites 1 and 4. Please note the details are still subject to minor changes. The programme meeting timetable is here (

Checking In

Accommodation has been arranged for 28 January for those who requested it on their booking form. We have allocated time at 6.30pm for check in; you will need to check out at breakfast time the following day. Aston have given us a bed and breakfast deal, so if you have not booked to stay, please arrive at the Lakeside Conference Centre for a 9am start on day 2.

Dietary Requirements

Any special dietary requirements have been passed on to Aston and the catering staff will have made arrangements should the menu not cater for your requirements. Please make yourself known to them when lunch and dinner are served.


Please note that due to the parking restrictions on site, there will be no parking spaces for you. Please travel by public transport; details are listed on the attached directions.

Institutional Innovation Projects Trade Fair Briefing

All the Phase 2 Institutional Innovation Projects, which finish in March 2010, are expected to contribute to the Trade Fair and project teams will have worked with their support-team contacts to “productize” project outputs. Please arrive at 11am on 28 January to set up your stand.

Buying and Selling

Each project will need a seller and a buyer. One of you will manage your stall space, convincing other projects of the usefulness and appeal of your ‘products’ and the other will evaluate other projects’ products and decide which to invest in. You can swap during the session if you’d like to but you’ll need to be able to both buy and sell.

Each project’s product will be valued at one JISC Innovation Currency Exchange Units; products may be sold more than once. “Purchasers” will be issued with a fixed number of JISC ICE Units (”Ice Lolly”) with which to buy products; purchasers will evaluate their purchasing decision using the Institutional Innovation Exchange Purchase Order

Who will sell the most?

The Products

Your project’s products will be directly related to your final report and outputs. You might have two or three products and these should be goods, services, models or good practice that you can offer to other institutions. Your products might be:

  1. a project methodology (a way to involve stakeholders in change process and management for example),
  2. a report showing external institutions how to most efficiently select products,
  3. consultation services relating to a change process,
  4. or…

Your products will be determined by your project outcomes and outputs. They will demonstrate to the outside world how your project is transferable, or has elements, documentation or lessons, that other institutions could find useful and put into practice. It’s important when deciding on your products that you think about your final report and outputs – what will be in there that you can use for this?

Obviously the services or outputs you offer don’t have to be finished, salable commodities by the time of the meeting. But the ideas and your ability to articulate and pitch them should be. They don’t all need to be large and complex. Products could be small, quick win type solutions for example.


You’ll need to represent your products – maybe give a token to other projects who buy. This could be in the form of anything, although making them out of paper may be the easiest. Tokens could be in the shape of icons, or certificates or bonds – whatever you think works.

The Stand

Each project exhibiting at the Trade Fair will have a stand. This will consist of a table approximately 1.5M x .75M with a posterboard 4ft x 5ft behind, to which you may fix posters, etc. Each stand will have an electricity supply. You will have to provide your own laptop. There will not be projection equipment at the stand. The stands will be arranged in two rooms, 11 stands per room. You will be assigned to a stand according to who your project support team contact is. Each stand will be staffed by one member of the project team (the other team member/s will be “purchasers”).

Purchase Orders

Each purchaser will be issued with 5 purchase orders to purchase up to 5 products from whomsoever they wish. Team members may not buy their own team’s products! Each purchaser will be identifying their “top five” items from across the programme and must indicate the reason for their purchase briefly on the purchase order.

There will be a “trading desk” in each exhibition room and purchase orders should be brought to the trading desk as soon as they are completed.

Leader Board and Prizes!

We will try to run a real-time leader board showing who has sold how much of what and prizes (ice lollies) will be awarded for the most items sold and for the best purchase rationale. Organisers reserve the right to award as many prizes as they wish. (Kind of like at the Chelsea Flower Show)

We look forward to seeing you at the event next week. If you have any queries about the event or your booking, please contact Caroline Coultas (

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